Spotnik´s Fit For Fun

N DK CH SPOTNIK´S FIT FOR FUN. Born 03 February 2009. White/black. A-hips. Full dentition. BAER+/+.
He is a carrier of the lemon gene. He should therefore only mate bitches who are lemon free.

My co-owner is: Kjersti Sletten, Spikkestad, Norway (not far from Oslo)



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Theo has 2 CACIBs and 2 reserve CERTs from Sweden.

20.06 Sandefjord BOB Puppy and BOG (Maret Kärdi EST)
25.07 Moss HK BOB Puppy and BOG-2 (Elina Tan FIN)
15.08  Wafdal/NDK Show Oslo, BIS puppy (Aase Jakobsen NO) 
07.11 NDK Autumn Show  Certificate 2 Best Dog Best Junior (Per-Erik Wallin SE)
Other countries:
19.07 Inofficial Swedish Club Show Röstånga, BIS puppy (Jelena Kruus EST)

17.04 NDK Club Show Bergen 1 EXC Intermediate (Svein Helgensen NO)
09.05 NDK Club Show Kristiansand 1 EXC Intermediate (Tuula Tammelin DK)
05.06 NDK Club Show Oslo 1 EXC Intermediate (Ludmilla Fintorova SK)
28.08 NLK Drammen Certificate 2. Best Dog (Ludmila Tchistyakova RUS)

Other countries:

25.06 World Show Herning 1 EXC Intermediate (Damir Skok CR)
26.06 World Dalmatian Show 1, 2 EXC Intermediate (Sue Wilkinson ENG)
27.06 World Dalmatian Show 2, 1 EXC Intermediate (Shellie Marshall AUSTR)

His brothers Spotnik´s Furry Friend and First Farao for Ormond (Germany) and  sister Feminine Folly all have Certificates. Brother Free Falcon has 2 x EXC. 

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