Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy

Born 24.07.2004. White/black. A-hips, full dentition, BAER+/+. Top Dalmatian Sire in England 2011.


Breeder: Charlotte Linde Sorensen, Denmark.
My co-owners are Solveig Ivarsson (in Sweden, where he is living)
and Soren Jacobsen (in Denmark, with whom I co own his father).

Zacco comes from a litter of 14  puppies, where the only fault was a blue eye. He is a carrier of the liver gene, but also lemon. He should therefore only mate bitches who are lemon free, even though he has never sired a lemon puppy (has been lucky with the bitches).

He has had 24 litters in 12 countries with 253 puppies. 6 were deaf, 13 with a patch, 1 with a tiny blue spot in the eye (no other blue eyed), 2 with some missing eye pigment, 1 with a kinky tail, 1 with an extra aorta arch and 1 with a possible Mega O. 1 has an osteochondrosis as he grew. (Please remember that all these puppies also have a mother, and that the % of faults is very low). A list of his litters can be given upon request.

Zacco has sired 24 Champions September 2010 (7 INT CH).


Show results (per Sept. 2010):

 World Winner in 2006 (Poznan PL), 2008 (Stockholm SE) and 2009 (Bratislava SK)

Europe Winner in 2007 (Zagreb CR) and 2009 (Dublin IR)

 Top Dalmatian in Norway and Sweden 2007 and 2008

                                                                                                He has 4 times Best In Show All Breeds


Best In Show at 15 Club Shows in 5 countries:  
BIS Oslo Spot Show-05 in Norway under Ian Marshall
BIS DDK Vig 2 in Denmark-06 under Helge Werner Hagen
BIS NDK Bergen-07 in Norway under Bob Gregory
BIS SDS Iggesund-07 in Sweden under  Per-Erik Wallin
BIS DKK  Struer-2 -07 in Denmark under Brenda Smith
BIS SDS Ljungbyhed-07  in Sweden under Joan Curtis
BIS NDK Trondheim-07 in Norway under Ake Cronander
BIS NDK Kristiansand-08 in Norway under H. Werner Hagen
BIS DDK Vig 1 -08 in Denmark under Gunnar Nymand
BIS NOEDC-08 in England under Chris Pickup
BIS NDK Oslo-08 in Norway under Grethe Bergendahl
BIS SDS Röstånga-08 in Sweden under Martin Croeser
BIS All Ireland Dalmatian Club Dublin-09 under Oonagh Gore
BIS NOEDC-09 in England under Bill Gardner (Lindsay Cutts)
BIS World Dalmatian Show 2-2010 in Denmark under Shellie Marshall (Jonathan Marshall)  

+ BIS ECDC Show-07 in Zagreb, Croatia.

Other Club Shows: 

2nd Best Dog  DDK Vig 1 -06 in Denmark and (only beaten by his grandfather "Selwyn")
2nd Best Dog  NL Club Show Netherland (only beaten by  "Selwyn" again).
BOS  NDK Oslo-06 in Norway
2nd Best Dog BDC-07 (Res.CC) in England
BOS at NDK Oslo-07 in Norway
BOS SDS World Dalmatian Show-08 in Sweden
1 Open BDC-08 in England
BOS at SDS Röstånga-09 in Sweden


He has 37 CACIBs so far, in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany, Ireland and Slovakien and was qualified for International Championship May 2007.


He has won 3 CC´s at Crufts and two at Club Shows in England and is an English Champion as well. 

He has 4 times Best In Show All Breeds13 Aug:    BIS NDK Oslo Spot Show-05 under Ian Marshall (Australia)
14 Aug:      BOS NKK Oslo under Martin Croeser (S.A) (Qualified for Crufts)
19 Aug:      BIS junior from ECDC Show  in Belgium under Cyopic (Canada)
28 Aug:      BOS at the inofficial Club Youth Show at Medevi in Sweden  under P.O.Saleryd (S)
15 Oct:       "Zacco" was BOB JugendBundessieger-05 and BIG 3 in Dortmund (106 entries) under C. Wilhelm (and L.P. Teixeira) only 15 months old.
30 Oct:       BOB at an inofficial SKK Show and won the group.

13 March:   BOS Eidsvoll under Zoran Brankovic
14 March:   BOS Eidsvoll under L.R. Hjorth (N)
06 May:      BOB SKK Skara in Sweden under S. Helgesen (N), BIG 1 (M. Slot Hansen (DK)) BIS 3 (Michael Forte (IR)
28 May       BIS DDK Danish Club Show under H.W. Hagen (N).
15 July       BOB SKK Int. Hogbo in Sweden under Markku Mahonen (FIN), BIG 2
16 July       BOB SKK Int Hogbo under Per Svarstad (S) BIG 2
27 July       BOB DKK Int Brondby, Denmark,  (W. Hubenthal (S)) BIG 2 (H. Kliebstein (GER)). He is now a Danish and Norwegian Champion.
29 July       BOB  and BIS Moss under T. Granheim (N)
12 Aug       BOS NDK Norwegian Club Show under A. Foss (N), handled by Lena
13 Aug       BOS N W-06 NKK Int. Oslo under D. Besoff (Australia) (Qualified for Crufts in Norway)
10 Sept      BOB NKK Int. Stavanger under M. Mahonen (FIN), BIG 1 (M.M.) and BIS 3 (W. Schicker)
23 Sept      BOB FKK Int. Aland, Finland, under J. Hiddes (NL) BIG 1 and becamea Finnish Champion, handled by Magnus Ivarsson. He is now also a Nordic Champion.
05 Nov       BOS SKK Int. Vaxjo in Sweden, under R. Rottner, handled by M. Ivarsson. Here he became a  Swedish Champion.
10 Nov       BOB World Winner -06 PL W-06 Poznan in Poland, under Boris Spoljaric (HU) BIG 3 (L.P. Teixeira (ESP) He became a Polish Champion. (Qualified for Crufts in Poland)
18 Nov       BOB Nordic W-06 NKK Hamar under R. Hubenthal (S) BIG-3 (M. Slot Hansen (DK))
09 Dec      BOB S W-06 SKK Stockholm in Sweden under Bob Gregory (ENG) BIG 1 (N. Molin (S)) (Qualified for Crufts in Sweden).

04 Jan       BOB SKK Gothenburg, Sweden, under Hans van den Berg (NL) BIG 3 (B. Wallin (S)).
03 Feb       BOS Hellerud, Norway, under B. Moen (N).
04 Feb       BOB Hellerud under James Hayward (AUSTRALIA), BIG (W. Hübenthal (S)) BEST IN SHOW! (R. Hübenthal (S)).
11 Mar       Crufts, England, BOS CC under Malcolm Smith (ENG)
25 Mar       BIS Norwegian Club Show Bergen under Bob Gregory (ENG)
21 Apr       BOB SKK Vasteras, Sweden, under Torbjorn Skar (S).
05 Mai       BIS Swedish Club Show Iggesund under Per Erik Wallin (S).
13 Mai       2nd Best Dog 2xCAC NL Club Show Ewijk (H.W. Hagen (N)).
18 Mai      BOB SKK Int. Hassleholm under Espen Engh (N), handled by Lena Erlandsson. He became an International Champion (has to be confirmed by FCI).
03 June     BIS Danish Club Show Struer 2 under Brenda Smith (ENG)
08 June     BIS ECDC-07 in Zagreb, Croatia under Frans de Ridder(B) (dogs)  and Damir Skok (CR) (BIS)
09 June    BOB BIG-1 CACIB EURW-07 in Zagreb under Mijo Fury (CR) BIS Best Croatian Breed. CROATIAN CHAMPION!!
16 June     BOB BIG-1 BIS-3 CACIB in Mostar Int., Bosnia-Herz. under Seamus Oates (IR)
17 June     BOB BIG-1 BIS! CACIB in Mostar Int. under Kuplyaskas (RUS)   And SUPER-BIS over the 2 days! BOSNIAN-HERTZ CHAMPION!
23 June    BOB BIG-1 BIS-3 CACIB at NKK Int Trondheim under Claudio de Guiliano (IT)
02  July    BOB BIG-1 CACIB SKK Int. Boras, Sweden, under Eva Mjelde (N)
21 July    BIS Swedish Club Show Ljungbyhed under Joan Curtis (ENG)
28 July    BOB BIG-1 Moss, Norway, under Janvier Sanchez
03 Aug    Res. CC BDC Malvern, England, under Frans de Ridder (B)
11 Aug    BOS Norwegian Club Show, Oslo, under Julia Swinburn (ENG)
26 Aug    BIS Norwegian Club Show, Trondheim, under Ake Cronander (S)  BIS-2 Hundfestivalen-07 (all breeds).
13 Oct    BOB BIG-1 CACIB CAC BDSG-07 Dortmund Int. under Christopher Habig (GER)
14 Oct    BOB BIG-2 CAC Dortmund Nat under Jens Bohme (GER)
25 Nov    BOB BIG-1 BIS-2 CACIB NW-07 NKK Int. Hamar, Norway, under Annette Forby (DK)

04 Jan    BOS CACIB SKK Int. Gothenburgh, Sweden, under Sandra Mashford (Australia)
05 Jan    BOB BIG-3 CACIB SW-08 SKK Int. Gothenburgh, Sweden, under Ferelith Hamilton (ENG) (Shown by Bjorn-Erling Loken)
12 Jan BOB BIG-2 CACIB NKK Int. Bo, Norway, under Eva Mjelde (N)
03 May BOB CACIB NKK Int. Kristiansand, Norway, under Svein Helgesen (N)
04 May BIS Norwegian Club Show Kristiansand, Norway, under Helge Werner Hagen (N)
24 May BIS Danish Club Show Vig, Denmark, under Gunnar Nymand (DK)
28 June BOS CACIB DKK Int. Brondby, Denmark, under Marit Sunde (N/DK)
29 June BOB CACIB NKK Int. Oslo, Norway, under Charlotte Jenvall (DK)
05 July BOS World Dalmatian Show Stockholm, Sweden, under Charlotte Jenvall (DK) (BIS/BOS Matti Luoso(FIN))
06 July BOB BIG-4 CACIB World Winner Show-08 Stockholm, Sweden, under Arne Foss, (N)
12 July BIS North of England Dalmatian Club, under Chris Pickup (ENG) (co judge BIS A. Cuthbertson)
04 Aug BOB CC Paignton England, under Sue Parkin Russel (ENG) ENGLISH CHAMPION!
16 Aug BIS Norwegian Club Show Oslo, under Grethe Bergendahl (N)
17 Aug BOB BIG-2 NKK Int. Drammen, Norway, under H.W. Hagen (N)
13 Sept BIS Swedish Club Show Rostanga, Sweden, under Martin Croeser (S.Afr)
14 Sept BOB BIG-2 CACIB SKK Int. Sofiero, Sweden, under Ivana Bakal (CR)
02 Nov BOB CACIB SW-08 Vaxjo, Sweden, under Rajko Rottner (SLOV)
09 Nov BOB CACIB NORDIC W-08 DKK Int. Herning, Danmark, under Andreas Schemel (AUSTRIA)
22 Nov BOS CACIB NW-08 NKK Int. Hamar, Norway, under Ake Cronander (S)

29 May BIS All Ireland Club Show Green Star under Oonagh Gore (ENG)
30 May EURW-09 CACIB Ireland, under Damir Skok (CR)
11 July Res.CC Peterborough, England, under Chris Toynton (ENG)
12 July BIS CC NOEDC England, under Bill Gardner (ENG)
18 July BOS Swedish Club Show Rostanga, Sweden, under Jelena Kruus (EST).
09 Oct BOB CAC CACIB World Winner Show-09 Bratislava, Slovakia, under Oleg Fintora (SK)
10 Oct BOS CAC Slovakien Club Show, Bratislava, under Tamas Jakkel (H) SLOVAKIEN CHAMPION!
16 Oct BOB BIG-2 CACIB CAC BDSG-09 Dortmund Int. under Miguel Angel Martinez/Walter Schicker (GER)
17 Oct BOB BIG-1 CAC Dortmund Nat. under Gisa Schicker (GER)

27 June BIS World Dalmatian Show, Middelfart, Denmark, under Shellie Marshall/ Jonathan Marshall (AUSTR)

"Zacco" has had many nice litters so far. A list can be given upon request.

Foto: Solveig Jensen

Zacco World Winner-06 Poznan and BIG 3


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