Spotnik Champions 2004

New Champions 2004
September 29th:
The litter brother of the champions Watch Word, Wonder Woman and Witty Wagtail, Spotnik`s White Winter
"Sprocket",  had his NORWEGIAN and SWEDISH CH title when he got the certificate in Oslo under Birgitta Hasselgren. Owner: Paal Rud.
(N S DK CH Spotnik`s Snow Storm - INT Ch Spotnik`s Primadonna)
Other certificates:
Skedsmo cert under Helge Lie.
Drammen Int cert res.Cacib under Ake Cronander.
Swedish Club Show Medevi cert under Birgitta Hasselgren.

July 31th:
N DK Ch Spotnik`s Unbuttoned Uniform
"Uno" became a FINNISH and NORDIC CH when he won BOB in Pori under Theo Leenen.
July 29th:
N DK FIN NORD CH FIN W-03 Spotnik`s Very Vivid Paper Moon
"Vilde" became a SWEDISH CH by winning the certificate under Bo Lundgren in Ronneby. Co-owned with Arne Foss. (Multi CH Spotnik`s Special Selection - Multi CH Perdita`s Kiss Me Better).
May 15th:
ECDC Youth Ch ECDC Ch Spotnik`s Witty Wagtail
"Witty" became a BOSNIAN-HERTZEGOVINIAN CH at Brijeg.
Owner Anita and Zeljko Radic, Kroatia. (N S DK CH Spotnik`s Snow Storm -INT  Ch Spotnik`s Primadonna)

Other certificates in B-H:
?  CAC Cacib BIM under Ivan Colaric
Banja Luka CAC res.Cacib under Tino Pehar.
Mostar CAC Cacib under Igor Selemovic.

May the 2nd:
N CH Spotnik`s Unbuttoned Uniform "Uno" was a DANISH CH under Gunnel Holm in Helsingor. Owners: Signe og Dag Erik Helland. (CH Jilloc`s A Man In The Mirror - CH Spotnik`s Queen O`Spades).
March 20th:
The litter sister of  the champions "Vic", "Vilde" and "Vestye", Spotnik`s Valentine Visit "Titti", became a FINNISH CH (and BIG-2) in Tammerfors under Harry Tast.
Owner: Eine Marttinen. (Multi CH Spotnik`s Special Selection - Multi CH Perdita`s Kiss Me Better)
Other certificates:
Sijnajoki cert under Arne Foss.
Jyvaskyle cert under A. Edlander.

February the 7th:
Spotnik`s Wonder Woman "Napi" was a NORWEGIAN CH by winning the certificate under Fred Dewsbury at Hellerud. Owner: Kirsten Ravndal.
(N S DK CH Spotnik`s Snow Storm -  INT Ch Spotnik`s Primadonna)
Other certificates:
Kongsberg cert BOB BIG-3 under Harald Aune.
Nes cert BOS under Lynne Lee.
NWCC cert BOS under Kenneth Hogg.
Kongsberg cert under Arne Foss.
NKK Int. Hamar cert under Nina Karlsdottir.

New Champions 2003
December the 7th:
N DK S CH NORD YOUTH W-02 Spotnik`s Viking Victory
"Vic" got his FINNISH CH title when he had the certificate  under Matti Luoso in Helsinki. (He also won the Nordic W-03 title a week later when he was BOB at Stockholm Int. under Goran Bodegaard.) Co-owned with Soren Jacobsen in Denmark. (Multi CH Spotnik`s Special Selection - Multi CH Perdita`s Kiss Me Better).
October 17th:
"Selwyn" was also a GERMAN DVD CH when he was BOB and Bdsg-03 (+BIG-3) in Dortmund under Mrs. Schicker.
October 5th:
"Selwyn" had the title of SLOVENIAN CH after winning BOB at the Slovanian Club Show in Braislava under Durdica Stubian + having won BOB and the EURW-03 title (+ BIG -2) the day before under Ludmilla Fintorova. (The painting is done by her).
September 27th:
Spotnik`s Vested Value
"Vestye" was a NORWEGIAN CH when he had the certificate under Eva Mjelde at NKK Int. Fredrikstad. Owned by Christoffer Nesten Larsen.
(CH Spotnik`s Special Selection - CH Perdita`s Kiss Me Better)
Other certificates:
Halden cert under South African judge ?
Moss cert under Nete Wunsch.

September the 16th:
INT N DK FIN NORD NL B LUX ENG CH World Ch-02 NLW-00,-01,-02,-03 BW-00,-01 Bdsg-01, EUR Ch-03 Spotnik`s Special Selection
"Selwyn" was a GERMAN VDH CH  when he was BOB in Leipzig (BIG-1 and BIS-2) under Pia Pedercini. Co-owned with Annemiek Morgans in The Netherlands. (CH Spotnik`s Quick Quackery - CH Spotnik`s Milkmaid).
May the 4th:
Int Nord Ch Copenhagen Winner-01 Spotnik`s Snap Shot
"Sofie" was crowned as a TRACKING CHAMPION with her trainer Flora J. Hagen Liste. The first Norwegian dalmatian ever to achieve that title.

September the 6th 
N S CH Nord Youth Winner-02 Spotnik`s Viking Victory
"Vic" became a Danish and Nordic Champion, when he was BOB in Silkeborg.
August the 30th 
"Vic" had the title Swedish Champion after winning BIS at the Swedish Club Show in Medevi Brunn.
August the 24th 
The litter sister Spotnik`s Very Vivid Paper Moon
"Vilde" got 4 titles in one day after 20 certificates: Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Nordic Champion. Co owner Arne Foss, Trondheim.
August the 24th 
Nordic Youth winner-02 Spotnik`s Viking Victory
"Vic" became a Norwegian Champion after he had collected 10 certificates from the Youth Class and this one from Open.
(Int Nord NL B LUX ENG Ch Multi Vinner Spotnik`s Special Selection - Int Nord FIN Ch Multi Vinner Perdita`s Kiss Me Better). Co owner Sren Jacobsen, Denmark.

July the 6th 
The litter brother of "Uno", Spotnik`s Unique Union
"Milou", became a Swedish Champion. Owner Susan Hammarlund, Sverige.

May 2003 
My own Nordic CH KbhW-01 Spotnik`s Snap Shot
"Sofie" was confirmed an International Champion. (N CH Spotnik Quick Quackery - S N CH Spotnik`s Milkmaid)

May 2003 
Nordic FIN Ch KbhW-02 Spotnik`s Restless Rebecca
"Pita" was also confirmed an International Champion (Int Nord RUS EST Ch Retma Paparazzi - Int Nord CH SV-97 Spotnik`s Primadonna). Owner Gregers Kure, Nesbru.

April the 24th 
Spotnik`s Unbuttoned Uniform
"Uno" became a Norwegian Champion. (Int Nord FIN CH Jilloc`s A Man In The Mirror - Nord CH Spotnik`s Queen O`Spades). Owners Signe Helland and Dag Erik Helland, Trondheim.

April the 4th 
Spotnik`s Watch Word
"Pernille" was a New Zealand Champion after 8 CCs. (N S Ch Nord W-02 Spotnik`s Snow Storm - Int Nord Ch SV-97 Spotnik`s Primadonna). She is owned by Paddy Lockett and Gill Butcher in New Zealand.


New Champions 2002
August the 4th: 
Ch Spotnik`s Special Selection "Selwyn" was crowned in England, the first non British dog to achieve the title English Champion

June 2nd: 
Spotnik`s Sweet`n Sour
"Ayla" became a Norwegian Champion 
at NKK int. Drammen

March 31st: Luxembourg, Selwyn LUX champion (and BIS-3)
February 23rd: 
B, Spotnik`s Qualified for Quickstep
"Pedro" Norw. Champion.

January the 6th: 
"Sofie" Swedish and Nordic Champion.

Selwyn and Rex are both
confirmed International Champions.


New Champions 2001
December the 8th:
Selwyn Belgium Champion and BW-01.

September 15th:
Aaland, S Ch Spotnik`s Rising Rainbow
"Phoebe" FIN Ch

September 15th:
Copenhagen, "Sofie"
DK Ch and KbhV-01 (and BIG-4).

July 29th:
ECDC Helsinki, "Rex" FIN Ch.

July 28th:
Pori, "Selwyn" FIN and Nordic Ch (and BIS-3)
and Nord Ch Spotnik`s Restless Rebecca
"Pita" FIN Ch.

July 1st:
Int Ch Spotnik`s Special Selection "Selwyn" is a Dutch, Norwegian and Danish Champion in den Bosch.

June 30th:
Trondheim, Spotnik`s Snap Shot "Sofie" Norw. Ch.

 June 6th:
Spotnik's Special Selection
"Selwyn"; qualified for International 
Championship at NKK Drammen.

May 25th: Spotnik`s Sunny Sunday "Sunny" is a Norwegian Champion at Skedsmo. Owner Marianne Klavestad.
May 5th: 
Nord Ch Spotnik`s Red River
"Rex" is qualified to become an International Champion at DKK Ringsted.

Owner Tor-Arild Dirdal.

February 25th:  
Spotnik`s Snow Storm
"Danco" is a Norwegian and Swedish Champion at NKK B. Owner Vegard Hasselberg.

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