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Farao 2xBIS + 1xBOS at Club Shows in 2010.

VDH JunCH VDH Jugendsieger Berlin-10 
Spotnik´s First Farao for Ormond

(CR SL CH Knock On Heaven Door Raul - (INT) NORD CH SV-08 Bdsg-08 Solbo´s Holly)
HD:A    BAER+/+    All teeth    Lemon Free 

BIS at NOEDC Club Show England 2010 under Ilex Whiting/ Lindsay Cutts.
BIS at  German Club Show VDH Adendorf, Germany under Ludmilla Fintorova.
BOS World Dalmatian Show 1 Denmark 2010, under Sue Wilkinson/Arne Foss

He has 10 CAC/CC/Cert from Junior and Intermediate Class so far...
TOP JUNIOR in Denmark 2010
Co owned with Michael Lehmann (Christi Ormond) in Germany.

New International Champion! The 22nd from Spotnik.

NORDIC N S DK CH DKV-10 Spotnik´s Excuse For Ecstasy

(INT ENG CH WW-06,08,09 EURW-07,09 Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy - Spotnik´s Xcellent Xample 
(by INT ENG CH WW-02 EURW-03 Spotnik´s Special Selection)
"Jessie" was BOS with CACIB in Gothenburg in Sweden 08.01.2011 unde Ann Carlström.
She will be the dam of my next litter in March/April. See "Puppies".

Diva TOP DALMATIAN in Norway 2010 (as in 2009)

INT NORDIC N DK S CH CR B-H JunCH KbhV-08 NORDV-08 NV-09 Bdsg-10
Spotnik´s Diva Deluxe

(NZ GR CH Audax Allegiance To Stedfast – Spotnik´s Treasure O´Tomorrow)
Diva has two new titles this year:  Internatonal Champion and Bundessieger-10 (Dortmund)

Kayo Top Dalmatian in Denmark 2010 
(DKK Rasevinner-2010 and DDK Rasevinner-2010)

(INT) NORD N S DK CH EURJW-09 KBHV-10 DKV-10 Solbo´s Kayo    HD:A    BAER+/+  All teeth.
(INT NORD ENG GER IR PL CR BH CH WW-06,-08,-09 EURW-07,-09 Bell-A-MIr´s Elegant Envoy-
N S DK NORD CH Spotnik´s Calling Card)
Co owners: Bjørn-Erling Løken and Solveig Ivarsson (breeder).


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