The Spotnik Story Behind Crufts 2013

"Selwyn's" parents

"Otto" CH Spotnik's Quick Quackery

"Wilma" CH Spotnik's Milkmaid

"Selwyn" (INT ENG CH Spotnik's Special Selection)
BOB Crufts 2002

"Selwyn"s son "Vic" (INT CH Spotnik's Viking Victory),
Zacco"s father ...

"Zara" (ENG CH Offerdale White Lady),
granddaughter of "Selwyn" and the mother of three of the top winner at Crufts 2013

It's all thanks to "Selwyn" ...

"Zacco" (INT ENG CH Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy),
father of all Crufts top winners 2013
and he himself BOS Crufts 2007, while "Selwyn" had reserve CC

"Darcy" (ENG CH Offordale Chevalier)
CC BOB and BOG4 at Crufts 2013

"Delilah" (Offordale Catalina)
CC BOS at Crufts 2013

"Hollly" (ENG CH Offordale Sapphire) "Kayo" (INT CH Solbo's Kayo)
Reserve CC Crufts 2013 Reserve CC Crufts 2013


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