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The Spotnik team did well in Denmark in 2010
The World Show

BOB Puppy, Best Intermediate Dog, Best Breeders Group and Zacco Best Progeny Group. 
Zacco, Farao, Kayo and Diva 2nd in their classes. More under "News and Events".

World Dalmatian Show 1

The Spotnik dogs took 5 class wins, 3 reserves and BOS (Farao). Zacco had Best Progeny Group.

BOS World Dal Show 1 was GER JCH Spotnik´s First Farao For Ormond
World Dalmatian Show 2

Another great day for our team. 5 class wins and 3 reserves. Best Breeders group and Best Progeny Group for Zacco, who also was Best In Show.

BIS World Dalmatian Show 2  INT N DK FIN NORDIC S PL CR B-H ENG IR SK GER CH BDJSG-05 NORDICW-06-08 WW-06,-08,-09 PLW-06 NW-06,-07,-08  SW-06,-08 ECDCW-07 EURW-07,-09 CRW-07 BDSG-07,-09 KBHW-08 Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy.

Half of the prizes for The Spotnik Team at Dalmatian World Show 1 and 2

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