Puppies D-litter

Spotnik`s D-litter was born on 3 September 2006
2 black and 1 liver dog + 3 liver bitches



Spotnik´s Treasure O`Tomorrow

2 certificates. B-hips. Full dentition. American father and Spotnik mother.

Mother of the C-litter, where 6 of the puppies have been BOB or BOS at puppy shows. Coffee Cream has 2 certificates (and BOS at Swedish Club Show), Jun EuroW-06 Chocolate Chip has 4 certificates (BOB and 2x BOS + qualified for Crufts), Chief Commander has 2 certificates (BOB and BIG), Calling Card has 1 certificate and BOS in Sweden + 1 in Norway and is qualified for Crufts from NKK Oslo. Crystal Crown was Best Junior in Hillerod, Denmark (qualification for Crufts) and 2nd best bitch in the Danish Club Show, and has Certificate, BOB and BIG from Oland (Sweden). Cool Caddie (is qualified for Crufts) and Cutting Corners have CK (Certificate quality) from Norway and Sweden respectively. Both Carbon Copy and Cross Country have got a first prize in quality the only time they have been shown in the junior class.

NZ CH Audax Allegience To Stedfast

B-hips. Full dentition. BAER +/+  New Zealand mother and Spotnik father. Top Dalmatian in New Zealand. Father of many champions.

Pedigree D-litter

Juno and D-litter 10 days

5 weeks old:

Spotnik´s Dashing Date

Spotnik´s DareDevil

Spotnik´s Daily Delight

Spotnik´s Diva Deluxe

Spotnik´s Double Domino

Spotnik´s Dainty Daisy

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