Puppies F-litter

Spotnik`s F-litter was born 3 February 2009
5 black dogs and 3 black bitches




CZECH SLOV CH JUN CZECH CH Knock On Heaven Door Raul.

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S N CH Bdsg-08 Solbo´s Holly

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Holly and her puppies 1 day old

Puppies 5 1/2 weeks:

1. Black dog: Spotnik´s Fit For Fun
(co-owned, living with Kjersti Sletten near Oslo, Norway)

2. Black dog: Spotnik´s Free Falcon

3. Black dog: Spotnik´s Furry Friend

4. Black dog: Spotnik´s Full Focus
(living with Karin Hägglund near Uppsala, Sweden)

5. Black dog: Spotnik´s First Farao

1. Black bitch: Spotnik´s Femme Fatale
(living with Camilla Aardal near Oslo, Norway)

2. Black bitch: Spotnik´s Feminine Folly
(living with Kaja Evensen in Notodden, Norway)

3. Black bitch: Spotnik´s Funny Face
(living with Merete Wilberg in Rygge, Norway)

Solveig Ivarsson and Holly

More Puppies:

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