Puppies H-litter

H-litter was born 8 June 2010
1 liver bitch

(my surprise Bankiren litter)

 This litter is a result of a unknown mating, when Per-Olof Mattsson (Bankiren Dalmatians in Sweden) became ill and went to hospital in April. I helped out by taking my co owned bitch CH Spotnik´s Coffee Cream and her daughter "Lady" to Norway.  Lady found a new home in Gjøvik, when Per-Olof so sadly passed away in May, not knowing that his work is continued here at Spotnik.  7 weeks later Lady turned out to be in whelp, ...to whom? We were quite sure it has to be one of Per-Olof´s dogs, as they were not out of the property, apart from the Stockholm Show.  We have done blood tests to find the right father, and he turned out to be Bankiren´s A Star Is Born. 

Two puppies were born 08 June, one small dog puppy, who later died, and the final result is a lovely, big liver girl.



"Lufsen" (now "Luffe")

Bankirens A Star Is Born. CERT CACIB BOS NKK Oslo 2009.


Bankirens A Hell Of A Lady. 1 EXC Intermediate NKK Lillestrom 2009.


• • • • •

Aunt Diva and mother Lady with "Hellia" 3,5 weeks old.

Hellia 4,5 weeks old

Spotnik´s Hell Of A Hoax  "Hellia", here 3 months old.

Diva and Hellia


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