Puppies J-litter

The puppies were born 28 January, 6 in all, but unfortunately 3 were born dead.
The birth went too slowly. There are 1 liver dog and 2 black bitches in this litter.

I never  thought I would breeed from Diva, as she has C-hips. But now The Norwegian Kennel Klub has provided the breeders with a new  tool, HD-index, where it is possible to find a suitable dog with the ”most free” family, to use for f.ex. an otherwise extremely healthy bitch, like her, with C-hips. The average for the breed is 100, and the one I have found with highest HD-index to mate her to, is N CH Spotnik´s Quick Quackery with 118.5. Diva is known for her wonderful movement, and she has never ever been ill, neither had a red spot anywhere, nor any kind of infection, and she has never been limping in spite of pulling a sledge, me on skis or running with a bike. There are no secondary chalk around her hips. The puppies will be sold with a free X-ray of the hips, taken between 1 and 2 years of age.





N CH Spotnik´s Quick Quackery

The father of my S-litter (with 6 Champions)                                                                BAER+/+  All teeth    HD:A

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INT NORD GER CH KbhV-08 NORDV-08 NV-09 Bdsg-10

Spotnik´s Diva Deluxe

BAER+/+   All teeth    HD:C

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Thank you to the owner of Otto, Per Roar Pedersen, who has let me use frozen semen for this litter.

The puppies 6 weeks old

Spotnik´s Jazz Jam ("Jazz")

Spotnik´s Jetty Jade ("Jetty")

Spotnik´s Jewel Joy ("Jamie") - CO-OWNED

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