CH. SPOTNIK’S SPECIAL SELECTION                                                                         Dalmatian

Int. Dutch, Belg. Lux. Norw. Dan. Fin. Nordic GBCh, Worldchampion 2002                                                       Bred in Norway by Helle Höie, resident in the Netherlands

‘Dog of the Year’and Topwinning Dog All Breeds 2000 in the Netherlands                                                   Owners: Annemiek Morgans (NL) & Helle Höie (N)

CW’00+’02, NL W’00+’01+’02, BW’00+’01, BSG’0, BOB CRUFTS’02                                                         Born: 17-01-99, black spotted, NHSB 2225888, N02842/99

Top Dalmatian in England 2002.                                                                                                     Bilateral Hearing, Hipscore B1, 7th gen. ARDS







G Grandparents


GG Grandparents


GGG Grandparents








Ch. Spotnik’s Quick Quackery




 (HD clear)







Ch. Perdita’s Inside Information



 (HD clear)


T-Cart Unicus

Ch. Elaridge Prince Rufus

Ch. Peroca Pride of Elaridge

Elaridge Enchantment

Ch. T-Cart High Society

Ilberta’s Olympic Star

Ch. Dallas Leading Lady


Ch. Perdita’s Key to Heaven

Ch. Dalmo’s Educated Edgar

Ch. Knight of Gold at Theakston

Ch. Spotnik’s British Breeze

Ch. Perdita’s Long Live Love

Ch. Timanka’s Talented Clown

Perdita’s No Miss





Ch. Spotnik’s New Network



 (HD clear)


Kjmo’s Dennis

Ch. Piruett Just Jerry

Ch. Spotnik’s Copyright

Dallas Lady Lindy

Ch. Zoomik’s Happy Girl

Spotnik’s Black Label

Anima’s Danielle


Svolvaergeita’s Halfway Spotnik

Ch. Knight of Gold at Theakston

Ch. Beaumore Knight Owl of Olbero

Konavlje Stella d’Oro

Ch. Spotnik’s Innova

Ch. Olbero Onsdag Pojke

Ch.Cocheperro Out of the Blue of Olbero








Ch. Spotnik’s Milkmaid



(L) (HD clear)





Ch. Timanka’s Talented Clown



 (HD clear)


Ch. Liberline’s Othello

Liberline’s Messerschmidt

Dallas Nordic Sky

Dallas Petticoat Lane

O’Soul Too Many Souls

Anelanais Tweed

Ch. O’Soul Rayamanana


Ch. Timanka’s Single Ace

Ch. Sernland Snowy Owl of Olbero

Ch. Tantivvey Tawny Owl of Olbero

Sernland Dynamite

Timanka’s Painted Doll

Ch. Luonnonpuiston Milex

Ch. Timanka’s Nevertheless





IntCh. Spotnik’s Emily Brown



(L) (HD clear)


Ch. Bobbysock’s Athos

Ch. Indian’s Mescalero

Ch. Indian’s Fort McKenzie

Ch. Washakie Miniver

Ch. Luonnonpuiston Terece

Ch. Pepperpot Pentathlon

Ch. Luonnonpuiston Azzia


Int Ch. Spotnik’s Brown Button

Ch. Olbero Onsdag Pojke

Ch. Olbero Organised Confusion

Olbero Onsdag

Ch.Cocheperro Out of the Blue of Olbero


Ch. Tantivvey Target of Olbero

Cocheperro Top of the Pops


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